Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hack | Keep yo glasses on

Perhaps it's a consequence of buying cheap sunglasses (this pair was a ONE EURO STEAL from Pennys!) but they never really stay on properly. I find them slipping off when I lean over or else sliding down my nose every five minutes. Nerdily pushing sunglasses back into place à la Velma from Scooby Doo is annoying, and quite at odds with the aloof fashionista vibe for which I strive. So, here's a quick hack to solve all your problems. It works so well that I've even been sailing with them on and not experienced the usual anxiety upon tilting my head to look overboard. If only a certain fashion editor had had this tip before heading abroad and losing her Chanel Sabrina frames to the turquoise depths.

The idea is to wrap elastic around the hinges, which prevents them from closing totally and causes the arm part of the glasses to grip your head tighter.


Pro tip: If you don't have elastic, use a rubber band. Just snip it so you have a length of rubber and use it in place of elastic. However, black elastic is very, very easy to come by: it's often used to keep pairs of shoes together in shops. Keep everything is definitely the motto of any DIYer!!

Wrap the elastic around the hinges of the glasses several times.

Tie with a double knot.

Snip the excess elastic.

You can barely see the elastic once the glasses are open.

They will no longer open fully...

...but they close just fine.