Sunday, 30 June 2013

DIY | Super-easy Pimp my Earrings

I decided to experiment with making things that you could add to earrings and it worked really, really well; it's incredibly easy, very quick and so effective. Pimp your earrings in 5 minutes flat!

  • Beads of your choice (this is how I got mine)
  • Two headpins
Note: If you can't find headpins like this, you can always make some out of a length of stiff wire, making the end loops yourself with a pliers.

Plus: Pliers

Thread the bead onto the pin.

Bend the end of the pin to keep the bead on it.

Then just slide the stem of your earring through the hole!

Do exactly the same as above, but cut the pin to the size of the bead and attach to a length of chain.

Done! - and you can decide to change the lengths later just by cutting the chain or pin shorter.

You can even mix and match!