Tuesday, 18 June 2013

DIY | Shoelaces

Did you know that the bits at the end of your shoelaces are called aglets? And that they serve a very useful duel purpose of preventing the ends from fraying and making shoes easier to lace? Didn't know how useful? Have you ever laced a shoe with something unconventional - such as string, say, or bias binding, both of which are impossible to seal by burning (as you would with ribbon)? That is why the aglet is so important and it is the key to this DIY. They also give DIY-ed laces a satisfyingly finished look which is hard to achieve otherwise.

...Actually, no, I lie : the aglets aren't the only key to this tutorial. This Liberty bias binding (which I discovered in France and can only get mail-order here in Ireland) is also very, very key. Can't afford these? Well, this will do for the moment!

  • 120cm/47inches of ribbon or bias-binding (the length of converse laces)
  • 4 clamps - I got mine in a jewelry shop

Twist the end of the bias binding or ribbon and squeeze the clamp closed with a pliers and trim the ends.

You may think that threading your laces is pretty straightforward. You haven't seen Ian's Shoelace Site!! Check it out for threading inspiration and much more shoelace-related fun!!