Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIY | Liberty Turn-ups

Why not add a splash of colour when you turn up your jeans for the summer? And what better way than using Liberty bias-binding? Yay!! (You just may, may, have noticed that I am totally enamoured of this stuff) The bias-binding is only seen if you decide to turn them up and turn them up twice and it's hidden again so you haven't limited your jeans-wearing options either!

This DIY fulfilled a duel function for me: I recently cut these jeans to shorten them but went too short - I didn't leave enough to fold the hem over on itself. The hem frayed badly and the bias binding stops this - practical as well as decorative!

  • Jeans
  • (Liberty) Bias binding
Sewing machine or needle and thread(sewing machine not necessary)

  1. First unpick the hem

2. Next, pin the bias-binding around the opening. (Kinda looks like a weird sea creature, doesn't it?!)

3. Sew it down and make the seam by tucking the end under itself

4. Fold the end up...

5. ...and sew this down too.

Tip: Thread the sewing machine with two different coloured threads if you want a denim for the outside but another colour to match the bias-binding on the inside. I didn't do this, but I could have decided a white thread matched the bias-binding better, for example.