Saturday, 5 January 2013

Recyled Xmas Cake Corkboard

Om nom nom nom!

Christmas is great fun but it's also a time of huge waste. Once you've eaten the Christmas cake and unwrapped the presents don't throw out the board or the wrapping! Usually the xmas cake board is sticky and cut-up and you don't seem to have much choice but to chuck it. Meanwhile you often get lovely wrapping paper and ribbons, but have no use for it other than just binning it all. Mlle.Brico to the rescue! Use this Christmas' would-be rubbish to create a corkboard instead!


  • 1 xmas cake board
  • Old xmas wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Thumb tacks
  • 1 Stapler
Take your destroyed cake board...

...and rip off the foil covering. Brush any remaining crumbs off the board. DON'T use water or you'll have to spend ages letting it dry.

Take your other ingredients;

 Place the board in the center of the old wrapping paper

Fold the wrapping paper over the board and staple it in place. In order to do this, open out the stapler and punch it straight into the board.

Continue to fold and staple pulling tight to make sure the paper is taught on the other side and conforms to the shape of the board.

Place the ribbons on the board...

...and then tack them in place around the underside

Weave the ribbons through each other to increase the lattice effect (it also means that cards and notes that you place on the board stay in place better.
Tip 1: A diamond lattice tends to look better than squares
Tip 2: It doesn't really matter if the ribbons are a bit off, once you've pinned stuff to the board you won't notice