Tuesday, 8 January 2013

DIY | Topshop-style T-shirt

Why would you pay €27 for these...

When you could pay €2.50 for this...?

The trick to buying cheap, slouchy t-shirts is go to the men's section. I picked up this 100% cotton t-shirt in Primark from their men's Slimline range. They have other colours too - burgundy, black, grey, blue etc. - and at €2.50 you could probably afford to buy a selection!

All you need to do is fold the sleeves up... 

...and put in a few stitches at the top and bottom to keep them in place. A bit of an iron to neaten it up wouldn't go amiss either. Then hey presto!

I'm working on a fool-proof way of adding graphics, so you can imitate the 'sick' and 'geek' t-shirts too.

Tip : In order to stop the thread coming out when sewing one-off stitches like this, take the two ends on the wrong side of the fabric and double-knot them together. Then you can snip the ends leaving very little tail and without worrying that it will come loose.