Monday, 3 December 2012

DIY | Real Cuff Links

Xmas idea number 2 : my last post was about making cuff links that go on normal shirts. But if you're stuck for a present for a man (or anyone who would have occasion to wear an evening shirt - let's not be gender biased) why not make a pair of real, customised cuff links?

You will need;
  • 4 buttons this time
  • 2 lengths of chain (approx. 1 cm) OR elastic
  • 2 jump rings
Choose your buttons (these shell ones are mother-of-pearl, dead cheap but lovely looking, especially with gold)

Then attach the chain to each button using jump rings.Here's the first cuff link

Now just repeat for the second one! Simple as! 

Just note that:

  1. Elastic can be used to tie the buttons together, but they don't tend to look as good.
  2. Buttons cannot be the type with holes through them, they mush have their attachment at the back, otherwise there's nowhere to attach the jump rings
  3. Buttons much be small enough to fit through button holes; in the other cuff link DIY the chain passes through the hole making the size of the button irrelevant - they could be as big as you wanted them.