Monday, 3 December 2012

DIY | Military Collar

Use buttons and chain to create a military-esque shirt collar. This DIY channels the hardware-in-fashion vibe through a combination of the idea of chains and tipped collars on shirts, the general vogue for gold and chunky gold at that, and the perennial winter attraction to military. [Xmas present #2...this time for your female friends? (and males too, not to be gender-biased)]

You will need;
  1. 2 buttons
  2. a length of gold chain (measure it on yourself to get the length you want)
  3. 2 jump rings
  4. a clasp
  5. A shirt with a button-down collar

Attach jump ring and chain to the first button

Attach the clasp to the other end of the chain and a jump ring to the second button


You should then be able to thread the chain through one collar hole and attach it to the second button through the other. Ta-da!