Wednesday, 27 February 2013

DIY | Easy Dress Update

I got this red silk dress in a charity shop for about €4. The feel and flow are great but it's a bit shapeless and with the straps so far apart, it tends to fall off the shoulder. But with a needle, thread and some ribbon, it's really, really quick and easy to glam-up a dress like this, without needing to cut or remodel. In fact, you could do this with any top or dress that is cut low at the back or even at the front.


  • About 50cm ribbon (depending on how you choose to place it)
Plus +

  • Needle & thread
  • Safety pins

1. Pin the ribbon in place at the back of the dress(if your safety pins don't show then I wouldn't even bother sewing the ribbon down!). Play around with different arrangements, you could get really fancy with multiple loops or cross straps.

2. Sew the ribbon in place

3. Done!