Monday, 18 June 2012

Guitar-string Bracelets

Seeing the old stings of my brother's guitar in the bin after he had restrung them seemed a shame. Rather than throwing them out, they make quite beautiful bracelets! If you aren't lucky enough to have friends family of aquaintences who play the guitar (or you find that they can't re-string them fast enough!) you can ask at music shops ; they often re-string guitars and are quite happy to give away old strings that they would otherwise throw out.

Measure a loop to fit your wrist and cut, leaving an overlap for the bead.
Unwrap the wire around the string.

Thread the bead or pearl onto the wire.
Grip the two unwrapped ends of the guitar-string...
...and wrap the wire around both.

Add a dab or glue and slide the pearl into place.